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Alan Robert Neal is an American author and business/personal consultant. His alter ego's work in the computer industry, spanning four decades, resulted in several patents and interfaces that are still in use today.

Alan is an astute and frequently quoted observer of human behavior. Several hundred of his quotes are featured at LucidQuotes.com, with hundreds of those featured on other quote sites, as well.

Rigorously advocating for people's well-being, the website FormulaForFailure.com explores behaviors that consistently prevent people from obtaining their objectives. Another website, ReconcileOrNot.com, applies his doctrine as a resource for individuals attempting to free themselves from abusive relationships, while the DearHopeless.com website offers a message to those who are questioning whether life is worth living. Lastly, the InsightfulDivorce.com website provides philosophical, emotional, and practical advice to people who are contemplating divorce.

Alan's first book, "Stuck Where You Are (and More Fortunate Than You Know)", is aimed at helping people stop themselves from unwittingly manifesting the worst case fears of their childhoods while his second book, "Seeing What Others See", presents a philosophical discussion and argument for leading a realistic and harmonious life filled with appreciation in lieu of pride — featuring a few hundred of his quotes and several hundred questions that readers can answer about their own behavior.

Having worked with hundreds of individuals over the decades, Alan leads a quiet life in the company of rescue dogs, a box or two of chocolate, family and close friends.

Alan Robert Neal
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